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Settings/Options not retaining

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I want to set up a Full Backup with 7 days of retention, with email notifications.  But every time the backup runs, it resets the settings to an Incremental with no email notification.  I've cloned previously working backups, named my backup scheme, saved my preferred settings as default, created new backups, uninstalled / reinstalled - all the usual jazz that should remedy the issue, but once more last night, the settings dropped and I'm back to Incremental with no email.

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This is an Acronis issue - see forum topic: True Image 2020 -Backup option settings loss

I can only recommend that you and any other affected users contact Arpita Ghosh who is the new Acronis Product Manager for these home products! (

Try signing out of your Acronis Account on the Account page of the ATI GUI (perpetual license only), then also open the Windows Services control panel and change the start option for the Acronis Managed Machine Service Mini service from Automatic to Manual, then stop the service!