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Solution for ran out of disc space on a 1.36TB witn ATI-2018 Premium?

Thread needs solution
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So, I am new to this.

In setting ATI up I selected some places/folder/files on my C:\ drive as well as a couple other drives.


I select to back up 'Version Chain Scheme" daily

I did add some exclusions

At this point, with the D:\ drive full, I would like to perhaps NOT include some things to backup ... except I seem to not be able to find exactly WHAT I am choosing to backup /.

Or, is there  a way to continue with the current scheme but also backup to a currently empty 1,36 TB drive?


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Frobozz, welcome to these User Forums.

Some questions first:

What type of backup have you made here?  Is this just Files & Folders (from multiple drives) or is it Disks & Partitions (from multiple drives).

What is the size of your full backup image file for the above backup, and what are the sizes of your daily backups?
What are the daily backups?  Are these Incremental, Differential or Full backups?

What is the size of your D: drive that you have filled - what else is on that drive?

You cannot continue the current backup version chain scheme without having to change the backup destination to your empty 1.36TB drive, but this will result in a new Full backup being created on that empty drive.

You can see what you are backing up by clicking again on the left side Source panel for your backup task in the main ATI 2018 GUI, this should show you what is selected for the backup.

An alternative method, is to use the MVP Log Viewer tool (download from the Community Tools link below) then look at the log file for your backup task which should give information about both what you are backing up and also any exclusions you have set.

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Hello Steve. Thanks reply

Files, Folders, Pictures, Documents, System, Others

current Full is

My disks_full_b5_s1_v1.tib == 175GB


on a 1.4TB drive with only 1.86GB remaining

nothing but ATI on it


ran MVP program


it found a handful but they all comeback as corrupt


atih_services_addon_2017-10-03-15-57-04.log is one


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Frobozz, thank you for the further information, given that your full backup is 175GB and you only have 1.86GB free space on your backup drive, then the only solution will be to have to delete some of your older backups from the drive.

This is an instance where it is recommended to use the Automatic Cleanup options for your backup task to maintain your backups for you, removing the oldest when the cleanup threshold is reached.

You will need do some manual cleanup first in order to make space on your backup drive by deleting one or more of your oldest backup files.

As your current Full backup file is named: My disks_full_b5_s1_v1.tib this suggests that you may have older files with similar names, such as My disks_full_b4_s1_v1.tib; My disks_full_b3_s1_v1.tib; My disks_full_b2_s1_v1.tib; My disks_full_b1_s1_v1.tib plus you may have other incremental or differential files using the same stem name and _bx_ numbers.

After manually deleting any backup files (via Windows Explorer) you should then perform a Validation for your backup task and take the Ignore option for each error given for files reported as missing.

Once you have made space on the drive and done the Validation, then click on Options for your backup task, then open the Backup Scheme page, enable Automatic Cleanup, then choose the option to "Store no more than x recent version chains" where x = the number of Full backup files that can fit on your backup drive while leaving enough space for one more full backup.  So try setting this to 4 recent version chains assuming that you are also making either incremental or differential backups inbetween your full backups.

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thanks for the help.

I reduced the extra backups. Then I changed the backup style to NOT allow a full backup so often