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The specified file does not exist

Thread needs solution
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I urgently need to restore a backup  but keep getting this.
How can I move past this even if I need to miss the last few days.


2021-11-26T15:07:40:471+02:00 9096 I00000000: -----
2021-11-26T15:07:40:471+02:00 9096 I00000000: ATI Demon started. Version:
2021-11-26T15:07:40:652+02:00 9096 I00640002: Operation Backup validation started manually.
2021-11-26T15:07:40:913+02:00 9096 I013C0000: Operation: Validation
2021-11-26T15:07:40:917+02:00 9096 I0064000B: Priority changed to Low.
2021-11-26T15:07:41:321+02:00 9096 I000B0402: <bold>Validate Backup Archive</bold><endl/><tabpoint value=30><indent value=4>Location:    <indent value=10><textcolor value="navyblue">""</textcolor></indent><indent value=4><endl/></indent><endl/>
2021-11-26T15:07:41:494+02:00 9096 I01E50023: Error 0x1e50023: The specified file does not exist: E:\V3\Outlook Files_inc_b3_s22_v12.tib.
| trace level: information
| line: 0x4d3f22948e29f18f
| file: c:\jenkins_agent\workspace\ati-main-win-ati\62\products\imager\archive\impl\utils.cpp:184
| function: `anonymous-namespace'::GenerateGuiErrorWithPath
| line: 0x4d3f22948e29f18f, c:\jenkins_agent\workspace\ati-main-win-ati\62\products\imager\archive\impl\utils.cpp:184, `anonymous-namespace'::GenerateGuiErrorWithPath
| $module: ti_demon_vs_39216
| error 0x40011: The specified file does not exist.
| line: 0x1d8eab676a3f6923
| file: c:\jenkins_agent\workspace\ati-main-win-ati\62\products\imager\archive\impl\operations\archive_message_callback.cpp:762
| function: TrueImage::Archive::ArchiveMsgReadCallbackProcessor::ProcessReadCallback
| line: 0x1d8eab676a3f6923, c:\jenkins_agent\workspace\ati-main-win-ati\62\products\imager\archive\impl\operations\archive_message_callback.cpp:762, TrueImage::Archive::ArchiveMsgReadCallbackProcessor::ProcessReadCallback
| Path: 
| $module: ti_demon_vs_39216
| error 0x40011: The specified file does not exist.
| line: 0xf35f747b3b21f907
| file: c:\jenkins_agent\workspace\ati-main-win-ati\62\core\file\windows\winnt_dir.cpp:510
| function: winnt_dir::OpenFile
| line: 0xf35f747b3b21f907, c:\jenkins_agent\workspace\ati-main-win-ati\62\core\file\windows\winnt_dir.cpp:510, winnt_dir::OpenFile
| function: OpenFileW
| path: \\?\E:\V3\Outlook Files_inc_b3_s22_v12.tib
| $module: ti_demon_vs_39216
| error 0xfff0: The system cannot find the file specified
| line: 0xbd28fdbd64edb8f1
| file: c:\jenkins_agent\workspace\ati-main-win-ati\62\core\common\error.cpp:307
| function: Common::Error::AddWindowsError
| line: 0xbd28fdbd64edb8f1, c:\jenkins_agent\workspace\ati-main-win-ati\62\core\common\error.cpp:307, Common::Error::AddWindowsError
| code: 0x80070002
| $module: ti_demon_vs_39216
2021-11-26T15:07:41:510+02:00 9096 W01E50023: Cannot find 2.
You may have moved or deleted it. Please click <bold>Browse</bold> and specify its location, or ignore this message.: ⎂Retry//⎂Cancel/



List of files 

11/09/2021  10:34 AM    79,368,814,592 Outlook Files_full_b3_s1_v1.tib
10/15/2021  07:57 AM        46,241,792 Outlook Files_inc_b3_s10_v1.tib
10/18/2021  02:52 PM       119,698,944 Outlook Files_inc_b3_s11_v1.tib
10/19/2021  10:47 AM        52,964,352 Outlook Files_inc_b3_s12_v1.tib
10/20/2021  03:50 PM       111,739,904 Outlook Files_inc_b3_s13_v1.tib
10/22/2021  02:53 PM       127,454,208 Outlook Files_inc_b3_s14_v1.tib
10/26/2021  08:42 AM       107,258,368 Outlook Files_inc_b3_s15_v1.tib
10/27/2021  03:47 PM       110,830,592 Outlook Files_inc_b3_s16_v1.tib
10/28/2021  02:21 PM       215,196,160 Outlook Files_inc_b3_s17_v1.tib
10/29/2021  02:45 PM       151,254,528 Outlook Files_inc_b3_s18_v1.tib
11/02/2021  08:45 AM        41,029,632 Outlook Files_inc_b3_s19_v1.tib
11/04/2021  08:27 AM       113,371,648 Outlook Files_inc_b3_s20_v1.tib
11/05/2021  08:19 AM       120,614,400 Outlook Files_inc_b3_s21_v1.tib
11/08/2021  09:53 AM       145,709,056 Outlook Files_inc_b3_s22_v1.tib
10/04/2021  12:16 PM        77,579,776 Outlook Files_inc_b3_s2_v1.tib
10/05/2021  03:02 PM        71,607,808 Outlook Files_inc_b3_s3_v1.tib
10/07/2021  09:58 AM        69,794,816 Outlook Files_inc_b3_s4_v1.tib
10/08/2021  03:35 PM       105,186,304 Outlook Files_inc_b3_s5_v1.tib
10/11/2021  12:52 PM        57,178,624 Outlook Files_inc_b3_s6_v1.tib
10/12/2021  09:18 AM        46,307,840 Outlook Files_inc_b3_s7_v1.tib
10/13/2021  09:12 AM        81,051,136 Outlook Files_inc_b3_s8_v1.tib
10/14/2021  12:01 PM        63,203,328 Outlook Files_inc_b3_s9_v1.tib

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Denny, welcome to these public User Forums.

Your file list looks to be complete but that does not guarantee that the files themselves all remain exactly as they were created.  Validation will normally verify that the files remain unchanged by validating a series of checksum values stored within the files but in this case the error is indicating an issue in correctly identifying the most recent incremental file for the backup chain.

First check point: do all the listed files exist in the folder indicated in the log?
E:\V3\Outlook Files_inc_b3_s22_v12.tib

Has the drive letter E: changed from the destination shown for the backup task in the main ATI GUI panel?

Have the files been moved at any time while the backup has been running during October & November?

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Morning thank you for responding.

The files were on a server share along,  I was able to restore the previous  full backup thats was 30 days old. But this last set of backups keep giving us issues.

We moved them to a New HDD,  

We are unable to verity the backup set as the users laptop has been stolen, so this backup us very important.

We did try do a direct restore on the from the server same error is displayed.

The file have not been moved, while the backups were running only to restore them. 

You input is valued


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Denny, the error message makes more sense now that I understand that a server is involved - the strange _v12.tib file name is one normally only seen when a network issue is involved, usually a NAS.

You don't need the original stolen laptop to do a validation of the files.  Providing that you are using the same version of ATI as that used to create the files (or a later version) then if you right-click on the latest _s22_v1.tib file in Explorer, you should see a menu entry for Acronis True Image which when opened will have a validation option.

You should also be able to double-click on the .tib file and be able to open it in Explorer to see what files it contains, then if needed you can try using Copy & Paste to move files from the archive to another place.

The above is probably best done from the new HDD where you have copied all the files.  Just one word of caution, the file name for the .tib files shouldn't match any backups on the PC where you attach the HDD otherwise that will cause issues.  All backup files need to be unique in their names.

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Hi Steven

Thank you for replaying,  I have done the following

1. Right Clicked on the Outlook Files_inc_b4_s3_v1.tib file, then selected the validate options and get the following :

I have looked all over the web for what that error is... just no luck.


2. I am able to drill down to the file but not able to copy anything out. Below is the files we need

This is what I get when i copy and past, just a link or something to the file but not the data only a few KB


I have also tried to validate the full backup and get this message.

Is there a tool that we can re-pack the full backup and remove the damaged parts?


Thank you again for the assistance.

Regards Denny 

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Denny, the first error message 'Cannot find 2' is indicating that ATI is expecting to find a previous file in the backup chain and is normally encountered after files have been deleted via Explorer outside of ATI.   However, this is normally associated with backup tasks that are shown in the ATI GUI Backup task list and which have tracking information stored in the internal database that ATI uses, so that particular reason shouldn't apply here if there have never been any tasks on this specific PC using the same file name as these files from the stolen laptop.

All I can suggest for the 'Cannot find 2' error is to click on the Cancel button and continue the action being attempted, doing the same if further similar errors are posted.

If the backup chain cannot be validated successfully, then it does suggest that there is some corruption within the file structure.  All I can suggest if that is the case, is to try to isolate where that corruption exists if possible!  To do this is going to be a little labour intensive...

Start by copying only the initial Outlook Files_full_b3_s1_v1.tib file to a new folder on your HDD then attempt to validate only that one file with no others present in the new folder.

If validation is successful, then add in the next file in the chain, i.e. Outlook Files_inc_b3_s2_v1.tib and repeat the validation process.

Repeat the adding in of further incremental files and testing until you either achieve success or failure to indicate a bad file.

There are no available tools to deal with corrupt .tib files unfortunately - normally the only options would be to have other backup copies in different places or on different media etc.