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SYNC acting peculiar

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I don't understand what is happening. Once i get sync to run in my home network on 2 pcs, it says to start sync on the other pc, and then connect to sync.

I then have sync running on both machines, and they have separate progress bars. why? Is it really necessary to have sync running on both machines at the same time, and if so, why do they show different progress bars instead of being "sync'd.?

Finally, the only way that i can tell that sync has finished is that the progress bar disappears. However, the pause button is still there as though i can pause operation But it finished, didn't it.

Can someone explain what is going on here? With microsoft SyncToy, i only had to run it from one PC.

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Brian, please see the information on Synchronizing data in the ATI 2018 User Guide which has the most details of how this feature works.

For sync's between local PC's then you do need to have ATI installed on all PC's and each PC has to be joined to the same sync task and have the Acronis Sync Agent Service active / running for the process to work.

The above user guide link has details of the meaning of the sync icons shown for this feature.