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System Volume Information not excluded

Thread needs solution
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My Acronis 2018 backups have been working fine, up until the last one. I have System Volume Information excluded under my options, but the last back up included 114 GB of System Volume information. I looked at my options, and it is still listed as an exclusion. Any ideas why this happened and how I can fix it? It almost doubles my backups.



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Rick, if your exclusions list entries are being ignored, then this suggests that ATI has detected a disk or sector issue for your drive and has switched to using sector-by-sector backup mode (which includes all sectors on the drive ignoring any exclusions).

Download the MVP Log Viewer tool (link below) and check for any error messages in the log for your backup task.  I would recommend running a CHKDSK /F initially to see if that flags any issue, and then CHKDSK /R to do a full bad sector check.

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Thank you, Steve. I will give that a try.