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Tib files in Tib files

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I maintain embedded systems based in windows computers - I use a bootable thumb drive to make tib files of these machines.  I then store them - the tib files on my laptop.  With 2018 these embedded tib files don't show up when I view the backup tib file of my laptop.  Also if I open a tib file from an older version of Acronis TI and copy some files which contain tib files to my laptop it automatically restores that tib file into the folder on my laptop.  I want these tib files to remain tib files as I back and (hopefully) rarely restore my laptop.  Is there some way around this or must I go back to 2016 or . . .



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John, check the Exclusions tab from the Options page for your backup. By default now, .tib files are excluded from disk backups. You may need to just change that to include them.