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Transfer to new laptop

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I know this is a stupid question and the answer is NO, but here it is anyway... My laptop is in the stages of dieing, If I get a "new" laptop, even if it is the present updated version of the one I have.  I "assume" I can not use Acronis to transfer all my data and programs to the new laptop, and I will have to reinstall everything one by one?

Thanks, Maka

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Maka, the answer to your question is more likely to be 'It depends...!' rather than NO.

It depends on what your laptop is, what version of Windows it is running, what type of internal disk drive it uses, how it boots from the BIOS?

When you say the laptop is dying, what is actually going wrong with it?

Acronis cannot be used to just transfer your installed programs and data across to a new system but assuming that the failing laptop is not too old, then it may be possible to transfer the whole Windows OS and programs plus data to a new laptop.

If the old laptop is running Windows 10 then that migration is much easier because of the improved hardware identification and handling within the OS.

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Thanks Steve, its actually "not dying" yet, it's just the screen stopped working and keyboard, battery.  I replaced battery and have a new keyboard to install.  Thinking of replacing the screen next.....But I am thinking its probably just letting me know it's time to upgrade.   I use your product on a 2016 Alienware 17 R4 laptop. (Windows 10).  Since all the bells and whistles change daily on computer stuff.... I was curious on the chance if I buy the 2022 version of the same laptop, if programs can reinstall all of them with links and things in one fell swoop from my Acronis backup?  The Data part is of no problem, its all on its own separate hard drive.  I figured it would be at best a 30 percent chance it might work?  Thanks !!!