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True Image 2018 reporting last backup failed

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I''ve not backed up in 2 months but wanted to now after Win 10 2004 update.  Though I am getting message - "The last backup failed, The backup cannot be started. Plug in the external drive containing the files for the backup," I DO have the external drive plugged in, it does show the right drive letter, I can see the existing files on the Toshiba if I look, AND I can drag and drop a file from my pc to the F drive.   Not knowing what it actually is, I tried "validating" which gave me the green light until I tried to back up again.....  What do I do now????  Will I have the same problem if I just updated to True Image 2020?   IF I started a completely new FULL+ Differentials backup on the same Toshiba F, would that most likely fail too?  With 2018 no longer supported is this the proper vanue to get answers?

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Doug, I would suggest creating a new backup task and selecting your Toshiba F: drive as the destination for the task.  If the new task works, then try reselecting the destination drive again for the two failing backup tasks shown in your screen images - this can be needed after doing any Windows OS upgrades due to changes in the partition identifiers on the system.