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Try & Decide was a Disaster

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I used Try & Decide for the first time, and it was a disaster.  I started Try & Decide, proceeded to download and install a new program, and after I was satisfied that there wasn't any malware, I selected to stop Try & Decide and save the changes with a reboot.  Long story short:  The computer never rebooted properly and I couldn't get Windows to start.  TG I had a backup.  I restored the backup and now I'm back to normal.  Will every use Try & Decide again?  %$#@ NO!



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John, sorry to hear of your experience with using Try & Decide but glad to hear that you had a backup to recover your computer from.

My limited experience of using Try & Decide didn't particularly impress me either but this was in part due to the fact that it looks to be dependent on Acronis modifying the Windows Boot Configuration information in order to launch ATI from a Linux kernel OS very similar to using the Acronis Startup Recovery Manager (ASRM) or starting an ATI Recovery from within Windows.

Some modern UEFI systems may have issues with booting from Linux if Secure Boot is enabled, or may not detect some newer disk drives if additional device drivers are needed in this environment.

I would encourage you to submit Feedback direct to Acronis via the tool in the GUI to pass on your thoughts on this function of the product, plus if you feel strong enough, open a Support Case with them for this issue.

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I tried Try&Decide during beta testing of ATI 2018, one system was older (BIOS) and the other was new (UEFI) and it worked. I tried several configurations with the UEFI system and it worked in all cases. I think my results were the only ones posted on the ATI 2018 beta forum; other may have used alternative ways to give feedback of which I am not aware.

Before ATI 2018 I was never able to get Try&Decide to work on UEFI system. However, no harm was caused it just did not work.