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Using Acronis Boot disc to backup or Restore

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Known Fact: Acronis v2010. Will not run in a Windows10 OS environment.

However, I would like to use the Acronis v.2010.7160 boot disc to backup the boot partition of a Windows10 hard drive (to a .tib file). I will then use this Acronis.tib file to restore Windows 10 onto a blank standard Samsung 2.5” ssd.

My question is: Using the above Acronis v2010.7160 boot disc for both the backup & restore process, will this restore the Windows10 configuration onto this Samsung ssd and have it be a fully functional Windows 10 OS?


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RPS, welcome to these public User Forums.

See KB 5684: EFI-based operating systems support in Acronis products - which confirms that ATI 2010 does not support any PC's using UEFI / GPT drives.

If your Windows 10 PC uses the older Legacy / MBR BIOS boot and drives then ATI 2010 may work for you, but not if it uses UEFI / GPT for the Samsung SSD.

In all honesty, I would not use an 11+ year old Acronis boot disc to backup and recover a Windows 10 system when there are many other options available that are proven to work fine with today's PC systems.  Even a copy of the free Clonezilla boot disc would do the job fine!