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Validation Scheduler Change: True Image not opening

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I have Acronis True Image 2018 on Windows 7 Pro, and use an external hard drive as a backup drive.

I wanted to validate a particular backup, so I changed the validation schedule to start to validate after an hour or so (I had already finished the backup)

When I tried to save the changed validation schedule, I received an error message; something like "error parsing script" together with an error code.  The error code was not recognised by the Acronis error code checker.

I cancelled the validation schedule update, and I accepted the option to return to the previous configuration.

I closed True Image 2018 and have tried to open it again but the application now hangs on "applying user settings" and will not open.

I checked the hard drive for errors - it is ok.

I did a Repair install of True Image 2018 - still get the same problem.

Do I need to uninstall / reinstall True Image and start again, or is there a better solution?

Any help much apperciated.

Thanks in advance,



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Norman, welcome to these public User Forums.

Given how this issue started with making changes to an existing backup task, then I would suggest trying to remove that one task rather than needing to do a clean install of ATI 2018.

If you have a backup of your C: drive that includes the C:\ProgramData\Acronis folders then you may be able to copy the script (.tib.tis) file for the problem task back from that backup using the Windows Explorer option to open the backup .tib file by double-clicking on the file in Explorer.

First you will need to identify the problem script file.  In Explorer, go to C:\ProgramData\Acronis\TrueImageHome\Scripts and look for the most recent .tib.tis file which should be the one you were trying to modify via the ATI GUI.

Open the file in Notepad and look for the name of your backup task near the top of the XML data.

When you have found the correct file, move it out of the Scripts folder to another location, i.e. C:\Temp then test if ATI 2018 will open up correctly for you.

If ATI does open Ok, then you can try to copy back the script file from your backup .tib file, but best to copy to a temporary location first and check the contents again by opening it in Notepad then move it back to the Scripts folder when ATI is not open.

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Many thanks for your help.

I followed your advice; I moved the faulty script out of the Script folder and ATI opened successfully. 

I could see all my previous backups so rather than play around with scripts, I reconfigured the backup schedule - as required by ATI - and then ran a backup.  Thankfully, all seems ok now.

I very much appreciated your help and advice.

Best regards,