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Why upgrade to 2018

Thread needs solution
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Currently using TI 2016 and all I do is complete images once a week and every now and then a complete restore with that image when I play too much and mess up something or feel it will be safer to go back to a point I know all was well and good.   I am just a basic user of this one function- images.  Once in a blue moon I have restored a single file, but those types of files I might need, I backup after each use and are on USB thumb drive.  Also use Reflect (free version) to back up mid week and on a laptop, yes I know that is overkill, but I like options. 

Been using Acronis since V8, but do not see a reason to update.  Can anyone give me a good reason to update to 2018?  I didn't really like going to 2016 as they took out the log; however, I am using the log viewer a nice person on this forum made.  Don't need the ransom ware and other protections, ransom is easy to recover from, I have done it for others folks where I installed backups process for, just be sure you remove the backup image and only use during restore/backup and if have a ransom problem, use boot disc/USB.   Also, I would never use a cloud service to backup data, I have something better that is ready and available without internet and protected from theft, fire etc.  

Acronis is a good product, just over the years they have went from basic to more than is necessary.   I am not trying to bad mouth Acronis, just don't need all the functions they have developed into.

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I think 2018 has some meaningful improvements aside from the ransomware element. That said, if what you have is working for your needs (and assuming the recovery media loads and works OK on your system), I suggest you stick with what is working. When you next upgrade your computer you may find that there is cause to also upgrade ATI in order to get support for newer hardware, etc. 

If you DO choose to upgrade (and it's only $30), I think you will find ATI 2018 to be a nice improvement in terms of UI, improved recovery environment, better NAS support, etc. 


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If you use Try & Decide it now appears to work on most systems - even those with UEFI rather than old style bios. Other than some issues with USB 3/3.1 drivers in the recovery media this is the least problematic release since ATI 2014 (just my opinion; others will no doubt have different views). You can view log files with the MVP LogViewer.


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DiverJer...welcome to the user forums.  I agree with Philip and Ian, if ATI 2016 does everything you want it to do, then there is little rationale for upgrading.

Personally, I use a NAS for my backups.  The improved NAS support is definitely worth the upgrade.

Occasionally, Acronis offer lower pricing on True Image upgrades, and the lower prices may provide the incentive to upgrade.  I would suggest checking the blog on a regular basis to see if Acronis is having a sale.



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Thanks, they have a sale now to upgrade 3 PC for price of one and I do have more that 3 licenses floating around.   All is working well for me with 2016, just did a complete restore of image last week, only about 20 minutes.  Have done restore with CD boot and from Windows and then the reboot.  Have not restored with the Windows PE built on my USB thumb drive yet, but it does boot. 

I like being current, but know that sometimes comes as a cost, it is not the dollar cost that concerns me.  Back when I did this for a living I had a saying about being on the leading edge vs bleeding edge.  Even though I use the most basic functions, I may upgrade, but wait awhile longer.  One of the days when winter sits in and I get bored, I may bite the bullet. 

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Acronis sure has been sending out a lot of upgrade deals that are tempting.  They talk about protection from ransomware a lot.  Could someone explain what they do that is protecting against ransomware, is it like a virus protection, real time looking for possibilities?

I feel I already have protection, my images are on external that is not connect to PC unless backing up.  A church I helped set up with Acronis did same, poor lady who worked in office got fooled by someone and got locked out, they wanted her to buy some gift card and they would unlock computer.  Good thing they followed my backup instructions, I booted from CD, connected external drive and had them going in short time.  Jackass ransom person called back later and wanted his gift card to unlock, but the person that answered was much nicer than I would have been. 

Point is, you have good backup plan, if caught in ransomware, no problem restoring and moving on. 

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The current upgrade offers for ATI 2018 look very good to me, I just bought a 5 x PC upgrade for UK £17.50 to add to my other perpetual licenses.

The Acronis Active Protection feature prevents your Acronis backup .tib files from being attacked by malware / ransomware provided these are on local drives (internal or external).

See KB 60452: Acronis Active Protection: Frequently Asked Questions for more information. 


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Active Protection can also restore files effected by a ransomware attack.  I have personally used that function and it worked perfectly.