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Win 1803 OneDrive Backup issue and backup to cloud

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I have been experiencing the same problem (Failed to enumerate directory) and have read the KB article and various posts. My question/issue is regarding Step 6 of the suggested solution:

6. Create a new backup task and run the backup.

My backup set goes to the Acronis Cloud. Step 6 seems to indicate that I need to create a completely new backup job to the cloud? I don;t have enough space to create a new job and retain my current data. So it seems the net is that I have to delete the current job and all cloud data then create a new job and rebuild the full cloud storage again? That was a very lengthy process the first time.

I just want to make sure that I understand what is required and that I didn't miss some other info that might alleviate the pain it seems I need to endure.

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Douglas, welcome to these User Forums.

If you are seeing this OneDrive issue, then this is primarily caused by a change introduced by Microsoft to the way that the folders used by OneDrive are handled with a change to using reparse points instead of using symbolic links.

The solutions offered by various users so far have been around the area of trying to remove the reparse points, as these are not being handled correctly by ATI (this despite reparse points dating back to the days of Windows 2000 - but probably down to how they have been implemented!).

Unlinking your OneDrive folders and then relinking them has worked for some users.  As had uninstalling OneDrive for Business and reinstalling again.  Also excluding the OneDrive folders but which is not a solution if the aim is to back up these folders!

Moving the OneDrive folders to a drive formatted as FAT32 then back again has also worked for some users because FAT32 doesn't support reparse points, hence they are removed by this process!

Ultimately, we are waiting on Acronis to provide a fix for ATI 2018 to handle this OneDrive change correctly.

With regards to 6. Create a new backup task and run the backup. this is only practical if the new backup will exclude the OneDrive folders causing the issue, and you have sufficient space on the Destination drive to host the new backup, which is more likely to be possible with local or network drives, rather than the Acronis Cloud.

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Thanks for the info. I had already tried the full file sync option with no real change in behavior. Was able to manipulate a couple of folders that moved the point of error but no real help.

I am a bit surprised that an ATI patch has not yet emerged given what seems to be a significant number of users impacted. I've been expecting one which is why I've been patient in trying workarounds. I also have a copy of files backed up to a local drive with ATI which works fine. Only the Cloud backup complains.

Guess I'll hang on a bit longer waiting for a patch.