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Windows 10 cannot see a volume on cloned drive after cloning

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I have been using the bootable CD created with Acronis True Image for making clone copies of my drives for years with great success.

This time I used the newer Cyber Protect which created the bootable CD and I used the Linux boot version as the Windows boot CD took much longer to boot from ( I created both versions).

However, after cloning my bootable drive which contains (x2) partitions (C: and F:), I cannot see F: in Windows 10 after booting using the cloned drive. If I use Acronis Disk Director 10, I can see the F: partition on the drive and can view all of the F: filenames using Disk Director 'Browse Files'. However, Windows 10 cannot see this volume after cloning and then booting from the cloned drive. I've also tried to use Windows 10 Disk Manager and it too cannot see the F: partition.

Any ideas as to what may be going on?




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