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Acronis True Image 2019 using up 150 GB on local HD

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The previous IT guy at my company bought 3 laptops from a VAR and had them pre-loaded with software beyond basic Windows 10 x64 and one of those was ATI 2019. They were configured to backup locally but were not deleting older backups and using up over 150 GB on the local drive.  On two of them, all it took was to run ATI and stop the backup scheduled and remove all of the old backups.  On one of them though I could not run ATU+I as it would say it was out of licenses (?).  Assuming uninstalling the software would fix it and once I cleaned enough space to be able to uninstall, the software is gone but not the backups... I contacted Acronis via chat and was told that I needed to clean the windows Temp folder and reboot.  When that didn't fix it, the tech provided me with:

"I would suggest you to create restore point, run Acronis Cleanup Utility and reboot the PC and check if that works: h-t-t-ps - kb-acronis-com--content--48668"

That didn't work either and I was hoping someone has a way to delete the files post ATI removal.



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There appears to be a licence management issue here. The first thing to do is to confirm that you have either:

  • three single user licences or:
  • a three user licence

for ATI 2019. The licence will be associated with an Acronis user account - it will be an email address. 

So can you confirm that you have information on either the licence key (and the number of devices supported) or the Acronis account and password. (Please do NOT post that information in your response).



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Nelson, welcome to these public User Forums.

If ATI 2019 has been uninstalled on the system where the unwanted Acronis .tib backup files are located, then you can just delete those files in Explorer.

If you see any error messages suggesting you are not authorised to delete the .tib files, then this would suggest that ATI 2019 hasn't been fully uninstalled and that Acronis Active Protection may be active.  In that case, open the Windows Control Panel, then Programs & Features, uninstall ATI 2019 fully then restart Windows to complete the action before trying to delete the files in Explorer again.