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Acronis, Windows 10 and MAX_PATH

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Could anyone let me know if Acronis 2019 backups up Windows 10 directories/files that may be beyond the 260 character filepath limit?

I'm using Windows 10 build 1809, and have previously set the LongPathsEnabled registry setting that become available in Windows 10 build 1607

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I have never encountered any issues with using any recent version of Acronis True Image and file paths though I have never taken any steps to create any long paths directly, just those which Windows and other applications have created on my computers.

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It should be fine if long paths exist.  Remember, these are Windows paths limitations though.  Like Steve, I don't have any long paths outside of what applications create natively, and nothing beyond the expected Windows limitations though.

That said, if the default VSS snapshot backup does have an issue (which I don't believe it will), you can revert to the proprietary Acronis Snapapi backup method instead.Or, even take offline backups with rescue media. 

Acronis is backing up at the sector level and not the file level... so it shouldn't really matter either way.


And if you feel like something a little more unconventional (take a good offline backup first - just in case), you can extend the default 260 character limit in Windows 10 with a registry modification:

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Just noted you already did the registry change - hence why you have long paths...