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Adding drivers to ATI2019 ISO?

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I never use ATI OS installation because it is so bloated and disabling any related services and/or drivers is likely to result in unbootalbe OS. However, I do use the bootable ATI 2019 ISO foamts (currently for Windows 10 x64 1809-17763).

ATI 2019 ISO detects most hardware just fine, but some hardware needs custom drivers. The bootable Acronis ISO I am talking about has 2 folders: 

1. efi

2. Recovery Manager


To which of these folders can I add drivers for my NVMe, SSD, Network, etc? How can I make sure that ATI 2019 uses the specific drivers I provided and not some generic built-in drivers?

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Sorry but if you never install the ATI 2019 application then there is no method of adding any additional device drivers to the basic Linux based ISO rescue media.

I can only recommend that you ensure you have the very latest build version of the ISO media - ATI 2019 build #17750 which does have support for some NVMe drives as tested here in the forums recently.

Otherwise, you should install ATI 2019 along with downloading the MVP Custom ATIPE builder script, and use this to create a custom USB stick for the rescue media, where you can add in lots of extras including BitLocker and RAID support, as well as choosing what display resolution to use and also get a web browser, file manager, PDF reader, image capture etc.  See link below.