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After HDD to SSD cloning both disks inaccessible boot device

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Hello everbody, I have a problem that's really bugging me and I'm also (a little) worried bout the possible data loss, therefore I need your help. I used Acronis 2019 to clone my HDD running Windows 10 to my SSD (HDD 500 GB, SSD 512 GB). It all went OK, no errors reported. When I connected SSD to a computer (and disconnected HDD) I got a blue scren with error "inaccessible boot device" (Windows starts loading, but after some 30 seconds blue screeen of death appears). Ok, no problem, I will just reconnect my HDD and do it the long way...back up data, do a clean install etc. But the problem is that when I connected my HDD, I got the same error and now I cannot load to Windows from any of the disks and that's making me worry. When I cloned the disk, I added SSD as GPT and not MBR. Could that be the problem and can I repeat the cloning process with making SSD as MBR?

I didn't backup data before. I know I should have, but never experienced this before and have done quite a lot of cloning...

Thank you for your anwsers in advance. Hope I can fix this, beacuse there is some important data on that HDD. Marko

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Marko, welcome to these public User Forums.

Sorry that no-one has been able to respond to your post sooner, so my first question is to ask if you have made any progress with this issue since you opened this topic back on Jan 23rd?

Is your HDD in MBR format?

Have you checked the Boot settings in the BIOS for your computer?
If Windows 10 boots from your HDD in Legacy / MBR mode, then the boot device should show as the HDD drive name or type.
If Windows 10 boots in UEFI / GPT mode, then the boot device should show as 'Windows Boot Manager'.

The importance of the above is that a legacy HDD will not boot in UEFI / GPT mode, and a UEFI / GPT drive will not boot in Legacy / MBR mode - so these always have to match correctly.

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Hello Steve,


thank you for your reply and suggestions what to watch out next time I do cloning. Also next time definitely taking the backup/restore way.

To anwser your first question. I haven't made any progress regarding saving the partitions and Windows installation on neither disk, but I did manage to save data, therefore I backed it up and made a clean install on a new SSD (had to order new certificates though, but that is a small colatteral damage).

And since I have managed to save data and made a clean install, I haven't put any effort to find out the reason for things going bad. But if I had to guess I would say that HDD was MBR. Although I still don't understand why the HDD didn't work when I connected it again. I haven't changed anything in the BIOS by the way.