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Archive a ticket

Thread needs solution
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Hi Folks,

Acronis suggested me to archive my ticket for later use.

How can I do this, I didn't found a way jet?

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Bernd, it is the Acronis Support people who do any archiving of your support ticket in their internal systems.  There is nothing that you can do via these forums in this respect.

'Archiving the ticket' is essentially closing it out and telling you that no further action will be taken on the issue raised in that ticket!  Once a ticket has been archived, it cannot be reopened again - a new ticket would need to be raised where any emails would then show the old and new ticket numbers i.e. [03473454] Re: [03463079] .... (from one of my own archived / reopened tickets!).

If you are in full agreement with archiving your support ticket, then just reply to let Support know - otherwise tell them that you do not accept the ticket being archived, giving your reasons why, including asking for the issue to be escalated if appropriate.

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Ich denke, das keine weitere Aktion erforderlich ist, falls man den Supportfall schließen möchte.

In ATI 2019 links auf das Konto-Symbol klicken und oben recht auf die Email-Adresse klicken, dort "Mein Konto" auswählen.

Es sollte dann die neue Version des Acronis Accounts zu sehen sein. Oben rechts auf das Konto-Symbol klicken und "Support-Anfragen" auswählen. Auf das Pluszeichen vor dem Supportfall klicken und unten dem Supportmitarbeiter eine Nachricht hinterlassen. (Falls der Supportfall wiederbelebt werden soll)

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Thank's Steve und danke für die Info G.Uphoff,

That makes sense that only the support can close the ticket. I can search for a long time.
Thanks and good luck!