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ATI 2019 continuously recreates old backup folder

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I changed the location on an external drive to which ATI 2019 backs up my internal drive. However, every time ATI runs it recreates the old backup folder tree even thought it correctly puts the backups in the new location. How can I fix this annoying behavior? Thanks.

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William, welcome to these public User Forums.

How did you change the location on the external drive for your ATI 2019 backup?  Did you do this within the ATI GUI for the backup task?

If you just changed the Destination for the backup task, then it will only apply to new backup images being created for that task, not for previous backups that have been created.

If you used the Move option for the backup task in the GUI, then this should have moved all existing backup images to the new location and updated the information held in the Acronis database for the task, so that it didn't then recreate the old folder structure.

Posts: 2
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Thanks Steve. I think the problem stems from the fact that I moved the old backups in Explorer, not the ATI GUI. Lesson learned.