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ATI 2019 getting extremely slow at everything.

Thread needs solution
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Hi guys,

2019 is running extremely slowly. Takes ages to load & then wants to run for around 8 to 10 Hours just to do an INCREMENTAL to my FULL back-up.

After performing a WIN7 HP repair (Full retail version) & it not finding anything, I decided to un-install ATI, check for any left-overs, restarted the PC & re-installed ATI 2019.

There's nothing "wrong" with my PC.

It worked fine until that "mandatory" update.

Never been the same since.


I'm now trying an INCREMENTAL with NO VSS involved & NORMAL priority.

Still running slow as...& wants another ? Hours to complete.




Thank you.

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Acronis Support
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Dear customer,
Can you please provide more details, like where exactly do you backup?
If you noticed that performance started to have issues after the security update, you can try repair installation.
Is problem appearing in the cloud backup only or it is applicable to the local backup also? If it is the cloud only your internet connection may influence the issue as well. You can learn more in the article:
First cloud backup is slow | Knowledge Base (
We recommend installing a trial version of the latest update of the product, you can find it here: 
Acronis Cyber Protect Home Officewhere we have implemented a lot of enhancements and fixes. Please check this article: Acronis True Image: Troubleshooting Performance Issues | Knowledge Base