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ATI restore specific to SSD type drive

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#1 If you are doing a full ATI restore to ones existing SSD drive based on an ATI backup of that drive, is there anything that is recommended before the restore in terms of performance optimization etc.

 #2 How much does a full restore "wear out" an SSD drive.  For example if the wear level count before was 95, would the wear level count be significantly lower after the restore.  

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  1. There are no additional things that can be done when restoring a backup in terms of performance etc.  The disk and partition layout will be restored as it was captured when the backup was created.  Any changes would need to be applied after recovery if needed.
  2. Most modern SSD drives have similar read/write expected counts similar to older HDD drives, so doing a full recovery should not impact or 'wear out' the drive unless it was already reaching an end of life status.  There will be more disk reads / writes after the restore than there were before simply that is what a restore does.  You should use any tools provided by the SSD maker to determine any issues that the drive may have due to usage.
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Great.  Thanks!