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backup fails at applying user settings

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I have been doing monthly disk image backup for years on three computers with no problem. This month when I try the loading of True image app fails on all three computers at "Applying User Settings". Any Ideas why? Two of the machines are running Windows 10 and one is running Windows 11.

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Mike, welcome to these public User Forums.

If this has happened on 3 different PC's around the same time, then sounds like something has changed in your environment such as Windows Updates, new software installed etc.

If you have tried waiting for the 'applying user settings' to complete and it doesn't do so, then try disconnecting any additional external drives from the PC's, and if that still fails, then you may need to try doing a Repair Install.

See KB 60915: Acronis True Image: repairing program settings - for details.

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I don't use the Dashboard and thus have disabled Managed Machine Service Mini, but since it is affecting multiple computers, could this be an issue?

Mike, have you run Task Manager to see if something seems to be running continuously that shouldn't?