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Backup source selection: NAS can be viewed in overview but can't expand folders to select

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when selecting backup source, the NAS is shown as device but unlike e.g. with C:\, I can't expand the folders and thus can't select anything.
NAS is normally working, can be seen e.g. in Windows Explorer.

Windows 7 home, 64 bit

Thanks, Thomas


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Thomas, welcome to these public User Forums.

I am not aware of any issues that should stop you from being able to select specific files or folders from your NAS as the Source selection of a new backup task, provided that you have provided the correct credentials for access when enabling the connection to the NAS.

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I ran into a situation that sounds a bit like this, but is, I suspect, not very common.  If ATI does not have authority to open a file or sub-directory in a NAS directory, ATI will not display anything in that directory.

In a Synology NAS I had turned on "recycle bin" processing and (for no good reason) given only Admin access to the recycle bin.  Since ATI did not have authority to access the recycle bin it would not display anything in the directory ... and that was where my backups resided.  I removed the recycle bin and suddenly ATI found all the backups in the directory.

I doubt that's the problem in this case, but it wouldn't hurt to check.