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Backups are gone in Acronis True Image

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When I look in ATI all my configured backups are gone. But ATI is still making the backups.

Is there an easy way to get my backups back in ATI?



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Nees, the first suggestion here is to use the 'Add existing backup' option and select the most recent backup file for each of your backup tasks, which should add the task back into the ATI GUI.  You may still need to reconfigure the task settings if it doesn't bring back the missing task.

Before doing the above, take a look in C:\ProgramData\Acronis\TrueImageHome\Scripts and check if your backup configuration files (.tib.tis XML files) are present or not?  You can open the files in Notepad to see the task name near the top of the file.  If present, then make a copy of the files for good measure.