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Booting is not good !!!

Thread needs solution
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I'm booting off Acronis True Image 2018 (USB stick) with Linux recovery.

Running the backup Wizard if I select an EXT4 partition I get:

"Some partitions contain errors and can only be imaged sector by sector".. etc.

Are you kidding me - Still no support for EXT4! (Unless I do sector by sector I guess).

How does Acronis 2019 do here? I don't think there is any improvement is there?

I can't believe it states here that 2014 and 2015 were compatible - should have stuck with these products - why did I bother upgrading?

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I regularly make a backup of my Ubuntu 18.04 EXT4 partitions (25GB in total) where the backup image size is only 7GB, so do not see evidence that Sector-by-Sector mode is being used.

The backup log for the backup task shows:

21/10/2018 17:41:06 :349  Operation: Backup
21/10/2018 17:41:06 :354  Priority changed to Low.
21/10/2018 17:41:07 :414  Error 0x0
21/10/2018 17:41:07 :773  Create Backup Archive From: Ext4 (1-11); Linux Swap (1-12) To file: H:\Ubuntu\Ubuntu_full_b6_s1_v1.tib Compression: Normal
21/10/2018 17:41:07 :784  Pending operation 173 started: 'Creating partition image'.
21/10/2018 17:41:08 :064  Locking partition 1-11...
21/10/2018 17:42:01 :446   Writing full version to file: Ubuntu_full_b22_s1_v1.tib
21/10/2018 17:46:54 :534  Pending operation 173 started: 'Creating partition image'.
21/10/2018 17:46:54 :540  Locking partition 1-12...
21/10/2018 17:46:54 :910  Pending operation 173 started: 'Creating partition image'.
21/10/2018 17:46:55 :022  The following backups have been successfully created: H:\Ubuntu\Ubuntu_full_b22_s1_v1.tib
21/10/2018 17:46:55 :526  Error 0x0
21/10/2018 17:46:55 :607  Consolidate Backup Archive Location: H:\Ubuntu\Ubuntu_full_b22_s1_v1.tib Destination: H:\Ubuntu\Ubuntu_full_b22_s1_v1_C113221C-A9F5-4D13-BDCC-27D29BB973D4.tib
21/10/2018 17:46:55 :670  Deleting backup file with path H:\Ubuntu\Ubuntu_full_b20_s1_v1.tib.

I am backing up using ATI 2019 running from Windows as this is a dual-boot system but would expect the Acronis Rescue Media to behave in the same way.

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The app is telling you it has found disk corruption.  By the looks of Steve's post I would say that is correct.

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An update:  I booted from my ATI 2019 Rescue Media and made a new backup of my Ubuntu EXT4 partition and again there was no mention of any problems with EXT4 or needing to use Sector-by-Sector mode.