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Can I create local backup of server files over ftp?

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I need to backup some files on a server. Can I specify that I need to connect using SFTP to copy the files to a local backup?


Thank you

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Liz, welcome to these public User Forums.

All current versions of Acronis True Image (and its successor Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office) do not support SFTP...!

If SFTP is a definite requirement, then you would need to transfer them to a local drive then make a backup of those files from that local location.

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Hello Liz ,

registered your comment as a vote for the feature request TI-39669 Implement SFTP support in True Image, though the chances of implementation I'm afraid are very low.

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Oh, and for what its worth - ftp, mentioned in the post title - is an entirely different thing than sftp, mentioned in the post's text.

FTP is, well, ftp. A file transfer protocol from the very early days of the internet. RFC 959, from 1985, by Postel and Reynold, and a whole batch of predecessors reaching as far back as 1971.

SFTP is the second or third iteration of file transfer specification over securely encrypted SSH. It was drafted by original SSH author Tatu Ylonen in 2001 and has since been driven by the OpenSSH project.