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Can I delete a file from a recent Incremental B-Up to remove a cetain program?

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Hello all,

Hope that you & your family et al are all staying safe.

The back ground...

I do weekly back-ups consisting of one (1) FULL then two (2) Incrementals to my external HDD.

During this last Incremental back-up, dated 11th Sept., I decided to un-install Adobe Reader DC (after ATI had completed), as it seemed to be causing errors on my WIN7 desk top PC lately.


Anyhow, I opened the Incremental in Explorer & navigated to the desired program/s folder. No probs finding it.

Now to my Q?...

Can I delete the Adobe Reader DC program folder from that Incremental....perform a VALIDATION on it & be O.K?

or...Do I have to do the same to the other Incremental as well as the FULL back-up?

NB: I have un-installed Adobe Reader DC & now have Foxit PDF Reader instead.

The reason for this question is that, in case of a need to restore from the back-up, that Adobe Reader DC will be re-installed.

&...I definitely do NOT want that to occur.


Many thanks for any info on the correct procedure.


Regs, Rajah..

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Rajah, all ATI backup files (.tib or .tibx) are purely read-only, you cannot add or remove any data from them, so cannot do what you are asking here.

The way around this is simply make a new backup (full or incremental) after doing any program changes etc.

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Hello Steve,

Nice to hear from you.....once more. :)


Thanks for the info.


I just hope that I do NOT have to use ACRONIS to back-up my system before the next 3 to 4 week cycle starts up.


Stay safe.


Regs, RAJAH..