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Can I switch recovery media from different computers?

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I created ATI 2019 boot disks for an MSI GT70 running Win 7 Ultimate, an HP ZBook running Win 7 Pro and a Dell 7750 running Win 10 Pro.  Can I use an ATI boot disk made from another computer to boot?

When I boot into my MSI computer with the ATI MSI boot disk, ATI does not see the external disk with the archive files attached to my usb 3.0 ports. But it sees the same disk if they are attached to a USB 2.0 port. However, when I boot into the MSI computer from the ATI HP boot disk, I see all the drives attached to the USB 3.0 port on my MSI computer.  I have made several boot disks on my MSI computer, but none of them will read from the USB 3.0 ports.  The HP logo appears in the background when I boot and exit when I use an ATI boot disk made on my HP computer to boot into my MSI computer. But everything seems to work in the recovery program when I use the HP disk.

I would prefer to recover from the USB 3.0 port since the data transfer would be faster than from the USB 2.0 port. 

1.  Can I use the boot disk made on my HP computer (Win 7 Pro) to recover an image onto my MSI computer (Win 7 Ultimate)?

2. Can I use an ATI boot disk made on a Win 10 computer to recover ona Win 7 computer and vice versa?

Thanks for any advice,

Ronald McGuire





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I successfully used the ATI 2019 recovery disk from my HP Zbook (Win 7 Pro) to boot into my MSI GT70 Win 7 Ultimate computer and I validated and restored from an old .tib file.

But in general, is it OK to use ATI recovery media made from different computers?  Can I use the ATI recovery disk I made on my Dell Win 10 Pro computer to recover on my Win 7 machines? 

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Ronald, if you are creating the 'Simple' WinPE version of the rescue media on each of your different PC's then the media is picking up device support from that source PC, so if that PC does not have any USB 3.0 controllers, it may not recognise these in a different PC.

It is possible to add in additional device drivers to the rescue media but this might be a trial & error process to find what drivers are needed for a truly multi-purpose boot media.

I do use my own rescue media on different PC's and haven't come across any significant issues in doing so other than needing to create 32-bit media for older PC's at times, otherwise all my main PC's are all 64-bit.