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Can't backup Facebook

Thread needs solution
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Hi everyone,

For whatever reason my boss wants me to make a backup of the company Facebook page, so I have started a trial with Acronis but it will only let me backup the liked pages. When I select any other option it gives me this error: To back up the selected data, provide permissions for each data category.

When I select the option to give it permissions it had me login to Facebook, but then nothing happened and the create button is greyed out. Am I doing something wrong or does the trial not allow full Facebook backups?

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Robert, welcome to these public User Forums.

Please open a Support Case direct with Acronis for this issue as there looks to be a problem with their Cloud interface for creating and editing backups for Social Media sites such as Facebook.

I tried to add a Facebook backup for my own account but could not get past the option to backup only 'Liked pages' and had to try different web browsers to even get that far!

I could not get the pop-up page to give permissions for other items to be backed up to stay open when using MS Edge, and nothing would open when using Firefox!

I have bare minimal use of Facebook and don't worry about backups, hence haven't tried this previously.  I am probably more likely to cancel my Facebook account rather than back it up!

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Often situations happen to us that make us cry... For example, we shared a picture a month ago (or even last year), and now we want to find it! What to do if, unfortunately, you forgot to save a picture in your computer folders. Of course, you will have to scroll through your Facebook feed and look for the loss. However, this method is tedious: well, it's a sin to hide - the Internet is still relatively weak (the feed is hard to load!) It takes a lot of valuable time. To avoid wasting time, there are a couple of ways to find what you need: whether it's a picture, a comment, or some other personal activity in your social network feeds. These tasks are easily accomplished - the FB settings have many useful options, and it's a shame there isn't

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Emma ClarkS wrote:

Often situations happen to us that make us cry..

Hello Emma,

social media backup has been discontinued, please refer to 62750: Acronis True Image: social media backup sunset for more details.