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Can’t extract tib file from compress format upload by our head office

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Hi team 

i am experiencing issues with tib file can’t extract from compressed format which I can’t uncompress it. When I do that from 7zip then in between CRC errors come up and halted. Any help regarding this much appreciated. Thanks 

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First, what program and version was used to create the *.tib file?

Am I correct in assuming that the *.tib file was compressed using 7zip (or some other archiving program)? How did you get the 7zip file? Was is transmitted in some way over the internet or was it delivered to you on some form of storage device?

The easiest solution may be to get a new 7zip created and see if the same problem arises.

It is possible that the process of compressing the *.tib file may be the reason for the error, given the way *.tib files are created. As an alternative, you could ask for the *.tib file to be recreated with max level of compression, thus avioding the need to compress with 7zip.