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Clone disk error: A format/resize error

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I have 700 GB conventional HDD that I am trying to replace with a Crucial 1TB SSD. My OS is windows-10 home.

I am using the Truimage windows s/w to do the cloning and running into "A format/resize error" (log attached). 

I have gone thru this forum Steve seems have suggested (in this link -…) to insert the new SSD in the laptop and run the cloning by using the a Rescue Media Builder (i.e linux bootable image on a CD/flash-drive). I haven't tried this yet. Looking fwd to any intel on any other steps/invstigation I should try (in response to this specific error) before proceeding with the Resue Media  path !!

I have also attached screenshots of how it looks on my Tru image(disk-1 is my HDD and Disk 2 is the new SSD) and on my windows disk management console (Disk 0 is my current HDD and Disk1 is the new SSD).

Thanks in Advance ! 

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The Linux recovery media should be avoided whenever possible. It is better to use Windows RE recovery media (created on the PC being used) or possibly Windows PE recovery media. ATI 2019. See ATI User Guide 12.1.1 Acronis Media Builder. 

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Hello Sid.

Could you please tell us if was possible to solve the issue with the WinPE…

Thanks in advance.