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Common WinPE and Driver Pack Links

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Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to put together a repository of common driver pack downloads for WinPE / WinRE and Windows ADK installers to make them easier to find for those who are in need of them.

The MVP custom WinPE creator tool already includes IRST drivers (and the ability to add your own custom drivers), but in some instances, newer hardware may need something even more current. 

Vendors like Intel, Dell, HP and KillerEthernet provide WinPE drivers and specific hardware model driver packs, but are not always easy to find.  Hopefully, having them linked in one location will be useful for Acronis users and forum members.


Acronis MVP Common_Driver_Download_Links

KB: 59335: Acronis True Image: Community Tools

MVP User Tools and Tutorials (Google Drive)

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Fantastic Resource you have put together !

Super useful and very much appreciated.

Steve F.

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Thanks!  I know I'm constantly referring to them for myself or in forum threads, so just makes it easier to have them consolidated.  If anyone has specific driver packs for other vendors, I'd be happy to add them too. 

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Bob, your doing this will make it much easier for all of us.



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Looks it has been made a sticky now!  

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Thank you so much for the driver pack

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You're welcome.  I use these links all of the time now, so am glad they are helping others too.

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Thank you for sharing good things!

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You're welcome! Guess we need to try and get this as a sticky in the 2020 forum now too!

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Hi guys,

I'm trying to restore an Acronis image into my newly purchased Dell laptop XPS 15 (2019) 7590. I am running the latest MVP Acronis WinPE Media Builder (v 18.6) to inject the RAID drivers as the SSD hard drive ain't visible otherwise.

The process with MVP works well until I am prompted to create the USB flash drive. I have an 8GB USB flash drive which I recently formatted and used to create the normal Acronis bootable USB without issues. When I select the drive in the options and type in the pertaining letter drive (D: in this case) the formatting process begins and then I get the following error:

ERROR: Failed to format "D:"; Diskpart errorlevel - 2147024809

Any ideas what to do to correct this and get the USB bootable drive properly created?

Thanks in advance


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Try doing a full format first. There have been a couple others with similar issues, due to hidden partitions on USB flash drives that may be there from the manufacturer or other tools like Rufus. Use an admin command prompt and

Diskpart /clean 

On the correct drive. Be careful not to clean the wrong disk!

Then go into computer management and initialize as fat32 and quick format then try to build again.