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Confused on creating 2 alternating backups

Thread needs solution
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I have a backup that I want to backup each week, and on the 3rd week, overwrite backup 1, and then the next week backup 2, etc. I want to do full backup of these folders, and don't want to do a differential backup (it fills up the drive).

I used to do this where I worked were we backup up to tape.

I tried a bunch of ways, read up everything I thought would work, zip.

Now, that Acronis has created a completely different version (pre 2010), I can't seem to get this right.

I appreciate any help/suggestions/tutorial links, etc.

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Don, making a backup with the criteria you have given shouldn't be an issue if you choose the correct Backup Scheme and Scheduler settings.

Assuming that your backup is going to be of the Windows OS disk & installed applications, then the first step is to select the Source for the task, and click through on the Source panel to select Disks & Partitions, then select the OS disk drive.

Next is to select your backup Destination where the backup files will be stored.

Now you need to click on Options, set the Scheduling page to how often you want the backup to run, i.e. Weekly on say a Monday at a certain time.  Open the Advanced settings on the bottom of the same page and decide if you want the PC to be woken up to run the task etc.

Next, open the Backup Scheme page and select the type of Backup to create such a 'Full only' where each time the task runs, a new Full backup of the Source is created.

Below this, there are settings for Automatic cleanup - expand these and select the option to 'Store no more than 3 recent versions' for this. 

Note: to be able to use that automatic cleanup option, Acronis actually has to be able to create 4 full backup files (3 + 1 more) - the reason for this is that Acronis doesn't delete the oldest backup file until after a new one has been created successfully!  So your Destination location has to have space to accommodate those 4 files.

Beyond this, you can set the Notifications page to alert you to the backup operation status by email, can set any Exclusions (I would recommend keeping the defaults for this) and set any Advanced options (again, leave to the default settings).

The task is then ready to be run!

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Awesome! Thank you so much. That is exactly what I needed.