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Deleting old system backups from dropbox

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How do I delete my computer old backup files from my dropbox that is positioned on my computer. It keeps saying that I don't have administrative rights, But I do...I am the administrator of my computer. I have tried all of the suggested solutions from Dropbox but none have worked so my old backups are using all of my storage on my hard drive. I have a 2 TB solid state drive. So I would like to know how to delete the old backups as they keep accumulating. Just Judy

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Judyne, welcome to these public User Forums.

If you are using ATI 2019 as per this forum, then there is a new option in the main ATI GUI for each backup task that will allow you to Clean up versions and will present a list of the files that can be cleaned out.

See the ATI 2019 User Guide: Cleaning up backup versions manually

The reason why you may not be able to do this outside of ATI using Explorer is if you have Acronis Active Protection turned on, as this is designed to prevent malware / ransomware from doing the same and deleting or encrypting your backup files.

You would need to turn off AAP to manually remove files, but using the Clean up versions tool will do this better and with AAP still active.