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Difficulty opening back up files

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I am using Acronis 2019 on my Windows 64bit PC. I can backup my files okay to my external usb solid state drive. When I go to open the files on the backed up external drive, I immeadately bring up a "documents" file from my computer. When I try to exit from the file I keep being returned to it until I try exit over 29 times. at which time I can see and access my backed up files. Why does this happen?

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Donald, the behaviour that you describe is not one that I have ever seen or experienced, so suggests that perhaps the file associations on your computer for ATI have been altered in some way?

I would suggest doing a Repair Install of ATI 2019 to see if that will resolve this issue.

To do the Repair Install, download the full ATI 2019 Installer from your Acronis Account webpage, then install (using an Administrator level account) over the top of your current application without uninstalling it - this should then offer you options to either Repair or Uninstall, where the Repair option should be taken.

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This could also occur, if the backup .tib chain is "broken".  For instance, if you manually move, delete or rename backup files outside of the Acronis GUI.  I've seen similar behavior in testing when I've manually removed earlier differential backups (for instance manually removed S2, S3 and left S4 and S5 and wanted to recover from one of the later ones).