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Disk clone

Thread needs solution
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Hello all. I was wondering what the capabilities of the Acronis Disk Clone are.

I need to clone my old hard disk which has both Windows 10 partitions and a Ubuntu partitions. I was wondering if the Acronis software was able to clone the entire disk including both Windows and Ubuntu. Or can it only support Windows? I need to clone the drive as I want to upgrade the drive to an SSD.

Any help would be much appreciated!!

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Eddie, welcome to these public User Forums.

ATI can clone both your Windows and Ubuntu partitions as a whole disk action but as with any cloning operation, I would recommend having a full disk & partitions backup of the drive before starting such an action - this is your safety net in the event of anything going wrong.

If your new SSD drive will be a direct replacement for an older HDD drive, i.e. connect to the same cables or physical slot, then the process should be straight-forward but you will need the ability to connect one of these drives as an additional drive to the computer.

The recommended method for cloning is to remove the old HDD and replace by the new SSD, then connect the HDD via a USB adapter then boot from the Acronis Rescue Media to perform the clone.

With ATI 2018 / 2019 and the introduction of Active Clone, then the clone can be performed from the Windows ATI application GUI by leaving the old HDD in situ, connecting the new SSD via a USB adapter then doing the clone.  When the clone is complete, shutdown the computer and swap over the SSD to replace the HDD.  Important: do not attempt to boot with both drives connected after the clone is complete!

If you do not have a USB adapter to connect one of the drives, then doing a Backup of the HDD to an external backup drive, then booting the computer from the Acronis Rescue Media with the SSD installed (HDD removed) then Recovering the backup to the SSD is the same as using cloning.