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Disk Cloning Error (Error 0x101f6: A format/resize error."

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I have a 1TB Toshiba HDD, and I recently bought a MX500 250 Gb SSD. I'm trying to clone the HDD but everytime I use the Clone Disk Tool, during the "Synchronizing with operating system process", it says "Disk cloning has failed. See log for details." The logs says "Error 0x101f6: A format/resize error." and "error 0x2160008: A format/resize error.". I'm using only 137 gigabytes in the HDD and the SSD have nothing in it.

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Nicolas, welcome to these public User Forums.

Thank for the log file for this issue.  What I am seeing here is that the clone tool is having an issue resizing your larger C: File system: NTFS Volume label: Size: 535;3 GB -> 152;5 GB

This can occur because there is unmovable data present within the partition.

I would suggest trying to reduce the size of your two large partition on the source 1TB drive to make these partitions small enough to fit on the new SSD with further resizing.  You can try to do this using Windows Disk Management and taking the option to 'Shrink' the volumes - this will give you an immediate indication of how small Windows thinks the partition can go to.

The alternative method would be to use a partition tool such as the free MiniTool Partition Wizard to do any resizing of the partitions, which will have greater success in doing so than Disk Management.