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From Disk to Tape

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Good afternoon,
I'm starting backup activities, I do not understand much, but I've already created a routine where my backups are made and made available on a disk drive, but I want this backup to be made to the tape later.
Backup 01 first to the disk, then to a tape drive.
How do I get this done, copy these files that are already on the disc to the tape?

Thank you

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Tape backup is not supported in the home version. You'll need to consider Backup 12.5 instead.

Contact Acronis support presales for more details, but you can download a trial version and test it for 30 days too.

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Wilherme, welcome to these public User Forums.

There is no direct method with Acronis True Image to do as you ask, i.e. backup to disk then repeat to a tape drive.  You would need to create two separate backup tasks where one backs up to disk and the second task to your tape drive, assuming that you can access this as a Windows drive letter?

The alternative would be to use a tool such as the integrated Windows RoboCopy feature to copy your disk backup .tib file(s) to your tape drive.

There are very few users in these forums who mention using tape drives as they tend to be very old and slow technology compared to the speed and low cost of disk or SSD drives.

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You might try the Advanced option Reserve Copy to backup to your tape drive.  Below is an excerpt from the documentation describing how it works.


Backup reserve copy

Location: Options> Advanced> Backup reserve copy

Backup reserve copy is an independent full backup version created immediately after a normal backup. Even when you create an incremental or differential backup version containing only data changes, the reserve copy will contain all the data selected for the normal backup. You can save reserve copies of your backups on the file system, a network drive, or a USB flash drive.Please, be aware that CD/DVDs are not supported as locations for reserve copies.To make a reserve copy:

1.Select the Create a reserve copy of my backups check box.

2.Specify a location for the backup copies.

3.Select the reserve copy format. You can create it as an Acronis backup (.tib files) or just copy the source files to the selected location as is, without any modification.

4.[Optional step] Protect the reserve copy with a password. All other backup options will be inherited from the source backup