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Dual Boot Windows 10 Backup

Thread needs solution
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Hi there,

Just wanted some thoughts on this please. I have a laptop that has two Windows 10 installs as dual boot (one for work and the other for personal).

I'd like to have a backup to save the faff of setting this back up and installing software again if the drive fails.

Is this just a simple case of running a full computer backup from Acronis?

Thanks in advance.

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Peter, welcome to these public User Forums.

You have two main options for backing up your dual-boot laptop.

  1. Install ATI in one (or both) of the copies of Windows 10 - your license for using ATI is based on use on specific hardware, so in a dual-boot situation, the same license can be used in both copies of Windows as they are both using the same hardware.  (I have this on my own dual-boot laptop with ATI 2019 installed on both copies of Windows 10).  You can then make a backup of both copies of Windows using the ATI GUI, and could recover the second copy of Windows from a backup from the first Windows.
  2. Create the Acronis bootable Rescue Media on a USB stick and test that you can boot from this and see the partitions where both copies of Windows are installed, along with also seeing an external backup drive.  You can then make a full offline disk backup of the whole drive and recover a single OS or the whole disk in a recovery scenario.

Note: with a dual-boot situation, you need to check that the ATI Rescue Media Builder tool can find a valid Windows Recovery Environment from which to create Windows PE files for the media.  I have needed to install the Windows 10 ADK to get the WinPE files on my own dual-boot laptop because ATI didn't find / recognise the recovery enviroment!