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EFI Partition

Thread needs solution
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I bought Acronis True Image 2019. If I start it and try to make a backup, I click in the left down corner "Show all partitions" but Acronis is not showing me the EFI partition.

Is it only possibler to backup the EFI-Partition, making a Backup manually with the Bood-CD?


My System:

Windows 10 Build 1803 

Cheers and all the best for 2019

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Hello Armin,

welcome to Acronis forums! Acronis True Image should recognize and properly back up all volumes with the supported files systems

Did I understand correctly that you attempted to create a backup job under a bootable media and then in Windows, where the bootable media displayed all partitions including the EFI system partition, while in Windows this one was not shown? 

Could you please attach a couple of screenshots from the backup plan (from the view Full partition list)  and from Disk management in Windows, where we can see the disk layout?   

Thank you! 

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Armin, ATI can only show you and backup an EFI partition if your computer has one of these, which in turn requires that you have a UEFI system.  If your system is Legacy, then there is no EFI partition but there may be a Microsoft System Reserved partition instead (depending on how Windows was installed).

Run the msinfo32 command in Windows and check what the BIOS mode setting is shown as?

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The Windows app by default does not show all partitions on disks when selecting a backup source drive.  It is necessary to trigger that view by selecting Full partition list as shown in the screenshot below:

Once selected the view changes to show all partitions on the selected disk as shown below:

Hope this helps.  :)





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So glad you showed the, almost unnoticeable, view change to see all partitions. Did not see the all important EFI partition until you pointed this out. Whish they wouldn't keep these things a secret (almost), Cheers