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Encrypting with Bitlicker

Thread needs solution
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I am thinking about encrypting mt drives with Bitlocker. I'm not positive how Acronis interacts with encryption.

I'm under the impression that I can no longer use the Acronis Desktop application to backup from the Desktop or restore from the desktop from data that has been encrypted, is this correct as it required the restore CD to do this?

What about scheduling backups?

My OS backup runs about 45GB on a 512GB SSD. After encrypting ,will my backup run the same size and take the same amount of time to backup?

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Michael, the ATI desktop application doesn't know or care about BitLocker encryption because it is already unlocked at that point, so ATI sees all the data as if it is not encrypted, and this is reflected in any backups that it makes, i.e. the data is also not BitLocker encrypted in the ATI backup archive file(s).

See KB 56619: Acronis True Image: compatibility with BitLocker for more information.