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Error Message 0xb042e: Destination is unavailable

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I have received this error message several times. When I purchased Acronis True Image 2021 in February 2021 (previously used Acronis True Image 2014) I created a complete backup for my entire laptop. The laptop has a C Drive (Samsung 512GB) and a D drive (WDC WD20SPZX 75UA7T0 2TB). I have two (WDC WD40 EZRZ-00GXCB0 4TB) USB drives for backup. The USB drives are in Rosewill METAS 3.5 inch USB Enclosures. One of the USB drives is for the C drive and one is for the D drive. The error messages have been consistent for the USB drive that backs up the C drive. 

I initially was backing up the entire laptop in one file. Yesterday I changed it back to the scheme I used in Acronis True Image 2014 using one USB drive for the C drive and the other for the D drive after reading other posts that suggested that is a better way to go. I decided to delete any chains older than 31 days, and a full backup after 5 incremental, for now just to see how much room the operation takes. That would give me 5 full backups at any one time if I am reading it correctly.

I have uploaded three log files. Two of them are from today. They are labeled "Operation Samsung SSD 850 PRO
512GB EXM04B6Q" because I created a Disk/Partition task to backup the C drive. You can see that backup that started at 12 Noon ended with the error message. Just after that at 12:04 the backup started automatically and was completed successfully. 

The log with the "Operation MY MACHINE" is an example of the 18 times that the backup had errors.

So MY MACHINE and the Samsung backup are using the same USB drive. I have retained a couple of the MY MACHINE full backups that did run successfully. I may decide to keep one of them since I moved my video storage off my D drive to save backup room. That way I'll have the videos stored in two places.

I am wondering if the Rosewill drive housing is the culprit? Both WDC USB drives were purchased in January 2021 directly from Western Digital. So far the D drive backup has progressed smoothly.

Thanks for your help!

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Warren, welcome to these public User Forums.

Thanks for you log information.  These look to show 1 successful backup, then 2 failures but for different reasons.

The first failure suggests that either the drive wasn't present or not ready, perhaps has gone to sleep due to your Power options?  Check if USB Selective suspend is enabled for the drive in the power options?  Try using a different USB port.

The second failure suggests that the incorrect drive was attached and the device volume identifier did not match that which was expected for the backup task.

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Hi Steve - Thanks so much for your reply! I checked the USB Selective Suspend Setting for On Battery and Plugged in. They both say Disabled. As far as "the incorrect drive was attached and the device volume identifier did not match that which was expected for the backup task" that error message appeared for 18 attempts for the same task to backup MY MACHINE and then started working all by itself. I didn't change anything in the meantime. I will try to swap USB ports that each USB drive is connected to. If the errors switch to the other drive it is either a bad USB port or cable.

The Rosewill drive enclosures I have are from 2015 and no longer available. Do you recommend any 3.5 inch drive enclosures?

Thanks again for your help!