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File Manager doesn't recognize USB ext HDD after cloning

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Using Windows 10, Acronis True Image 2019
File Manager doesn't recognize USB ext HDD after cloning.
I plugged in a new USB HDD and could see it in file manager/windows explorer.
Then I cloned my c drive to the usb drive. It completed successfully but is now, not visible in file manager/windows explorer.
It does show up in Device manager>disk drives.
Can anyone help?

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Hank, welcome to these public User Forums.

When you clone the OS drive to another drive, Acronis does not allocate a drive letter to that drive because it expects that you will shutdown the computer, remove the source drive and then replace it with the new cloned drive.

If you want to see the contents of the cloned drive, then either allocate a drive letter for it via the Windows Disk Management tool, or else, disconnect the USB drive, restart the computer then reconnect the drive again, and Windows should automatically give it a drive letter to make it visible in Explorer.

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Thanks for the immediate help!  Once I figured out Disk Mngt. I gave the drive a letter and presto....

Thanks again.