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How to Backup from CD

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I need to backup a control system PC (Windows 7 64). I can't install software on the PC. I need to boot from CD or USB and create an image of the PC to an external drive. 

All the informaiton I find is how to create bootable media to restore an Image. How do I do this or what product do I use to create a drive image without installing anything on the PC. A last resort option would be to disarm the panel, take the drive out and clone it but I'd rather not deal with a hardware intervention. This is a regulated environment.


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From your Acronis account you can download a Recovery Media ISO file which you can burn to CD or create USB flash drive to boot to and run the True Image standalone application.  The ISO will create a Linux based media which for your application here should work just fine unless there might be specific drivers needed.

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Thanks! I should not need special drivers, the machine has a standard SATA drive. I downloaded the ISO file yesterday but it only lets me restore an image, not backup. I'll keep looking around.

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Gabriel, if you are only able to restore from your downloaded ISO image when booted, this means you are using a Trial version of Acronis True Image which has this restriction. 

See KB 2768: Trial version limitations of Acronis products

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Hello Gabriel,

what product are you using? In Acronis Backup 12.5, the feature set of a bootable media created using the installed product and of an .iso downloaded from the website is different. The downloaded media does not allow backing up, validating backups, exporting backups and managing disks.