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Move Win7 to new Win10 system

Thread needs solution
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I will be purchasing a new Win10 system. Current Win7 system has 4 discs or partitions that I want to copy to larger partitions on new system.

NOT migrating OS - the new system will have a SSD that I'm not touching. NOT migrating applications - will re-install under Win10.

Everything regularly backed up on external drives.

So... I think this will work:

1. Install Acronis on new system (fix any licensing issues)

2. Attach external drives with backup, and copy backup into new space.

Do I restore (all) individual files, or restore entire disc to new partition??

Anything else I'm missing??







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What you are proposing should work without a problem. There are definite advantages to doing a backup and then restoring to larger HDD rather than just copying the files. You can keep the backup in case anything goes wrong later.


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Are you planning on restoring any full partitions, or just the data on them?

Just want to clarify .If you are restoring a partition, then you need to create them first on the new drive. 

If it's all just raw data (files, folders, pics, music, movies, etc.) Then it may just be faster to copy it over. Restoring from backup would be fine too, but could be a little slower. Either way should be fine.

I would recommend you do a full backup of the new system, as is, before you make any major changes to it (like partitioning or copying data). Then you can always recover to factory like settings and start over if anything ever happened. I've seen new computers hosed with a virus embedded in user data, so never hurts to be a little extra cautious.