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New Format tibx

Thread needs solution
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1. Backups are made in new format .tibx which are incompatible with older versions!

But real list of changes in the new format .tibx or new features is published?

Of course there must be huge improvements otherwise for some minor things they should not release a new format, unless they are real ***!!!

One thing that never get listed in what's new is the list of changes in Rescue Builder and Recovery Flash made with it. BAD...

2. Now, it is possible to buy 2019 rather than 2020?

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The new format .tibx backup files are only used for Disks & Partitions backup schemes, and only when a new backup task is created on ATI 2020.

If you bring forward a Disks & Partitions backup task from ATI 2019, it will continue to use the older format .tib backup files on ATI 2020.

The new format .tibx backup files are those which Acronis have been using with their premium business Acronis Backup products for many years, and are now bringing to True Image, which should make the image files more compatible in the longer term between these products.

They are also being introduced as part of an effort to make ATI more reliable, especially in the area of backup validation.

Older versions of ATI will not be able to open or recover .tibx files but the ATI 2020 Rescue Media will work with both .tib and .tibx file formats.

Acronis has published some information on the changes being introduced with ATI 2020 on their main product page, including details of new features etc.

You would need to check the various Acronis retailers for anyone still offering older versions of ATI such as the 2019 version.