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Question about updating Universal Restore.

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I installed the Universal Restore Media Builder under ATI 2018. After updating to ATI 2019, I was wondering if there is a process to update the UR Media Builder.

The only thing I can figure out is to go to Control Panel to uninstall it and then get it downloaded again by clicking Acronis Universal Restore on the Tools page.

There may not be a reason to do so, but just wondering how that works. Will the UR Media Builder detect if it is out of date?

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The universal restore media is now always updated when a new version of ATI is released. The build used with ATI 2018 and 2019 was the same (25-09-17). My recollection is that there is a new build for ATI 2020 (the installer file has a different name - I have not check build/version number). I think you should be able to install the latest version and in the process the older version is removed. The build for 2020 has creation date of 01-08-19.


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Thanks, Ian. Looking at all the file dates shows nothing since I installed it under 2018. But the dates on the .zip files are 9/25/17 so that agrees with you. I'm planning to do a new MVP rescue media and wanted to have the latest UR.