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Restoring Windows 7 Image onto virtual drive in Windows 10

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I have Windows 10 Pro on  a new desktop.  I have created before with Acronis an image of Windows 7 system on my older PC.  I was wondering if I create a virtual drive in Windows 10, whether it's possible to restore with Acronis the Windows 7 image on the virtual drive ??

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It works just fine.  Just be aware that it is not going to license correctly if it is an OEM license that came with the original hardware.  VM's must be licensed and they have their own hardware ID so an existing OEM license will not activate on the "new system" natively.  But, if you have a "boxed" full version license, you can reactivate it on the new VM if taking the old hardware offline (since you can only legally activate once license per machine at a time).