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True Image 2019 - Clean of the partition

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I started cleaning the partition of one of my internal hard disks with the US standard option with Acronis True Image 2019.

The operation went well up to 2 of 3. Now the green bar has come to the end with the indication 2 of 3 and it shows "Time remaining 5 seconds" (see attached image).

The problem is that the operation is still not finished, and it's been 3 hours since I got the indication "Time remaining: 5 seconds". 

So I would like to know if I can turn off the computer manually or if I still have to leave the computer on.

Thank you for your information and advice.


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Chris, welcome to these public User Forums.

As it has been 2 days since your post, I suspect that you have either let the clean action run to completion or made a decision to turn off the computer.

Unfortunately the drive / partition cleansing tools can and do take a substantial amount of time to complete, this depends on the method of cleaning chosen and the size of drive / partition involved.  The time remaining figure is always going to be a guesstimate at best!